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“Fundanii is an IsiXhosa word meaningto read or study, @LearninMation is our word for FUN Learning. Stay tuned every week as we explore topics such the 4.I.R (4th Industrial Revolution) What is Coding? Good HackingVs Bad Hacking, Careers in the tech industry and a little bit of history about all things INTERNET. Stay Tuned!

Bringing coding & animation to Mdantsane.

Fundanii Digital Learning Outreach Program

As Fundanii we aim to not only educate pupils in computer literacy but create employment for the youth who are qualified or have an interest in software development, I.T and literacy. Our vision is to educate aspiring youths with the tools (our Fundanii app and workbook) of our initiative so that too can utilize them and conduct their own community development projects.

Fundanii believes in a strong structure of building long term relationships and transparency with the  schools that we operate in, keeping the parents up to date with the progress being made, we have weekly reports with the principals and we research and collect information of bursaries that our Fundiis may be eligible for. Having done and achieved so much in 2 years of operations, we are excited to see what will be accomplished. We would like to thank everyone who has been instrumental to Fundanii and making us achieve such excellence in the community of Mdantsane and us looking forward to seeing you in 2019.

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What We Do?

Fundanii offers quality computer literacy at affordable prices, our introduction program is divided into two sections:

⦁Fundanii  Computer Literacy Campaign that aims to cover all computer basics.

⦁Fundanii Coding & HTML this  project focuses on animation & coding where specific tasks will be allocated to bring desired results, this offering is for intermediate individuals who have acquired computer literacy and are curious in software development. We offer diverse computer skills through a carefully structured program that focuses on various avenues needed in today’s technologically driven society. Fundanii has partnered with various organizations in order to bring affordable computer literacy to the community of Mdantsane & surrounding communities.

Fundanii Digital School (Computer Literacy)

Fundanii is mainly focused on computer literacy; the program is designed to introduce young learners to the PC. The program is loading with lessons on computer basics, hardware, software, the internet & much more. The computer software also contains quizzes on maths, English & general knowledge.

What will be covered?

⦁Brief history of the computer

⦁What is the computer?

⦁Types of Hardware components?

⦁What is Software?

⦁Introduction to Windows & Microsoft Suite

Coding & Animation

Fundanii Stories is a literature exercise that aims to make reading & writing more appealing to young people. The program has been created to introduce the learner to coding, HTML & animation by giving them the opportunity to work with us in order to build their own digital books. We work closely with schools to ensure that by the end of the project they will have been introduced to the following.




⦁Creative Writing

⦁Introduction to coding

⦁Introduction to animation

⦁Introduction to HTML

Africa Code Week 2017

At Fundanii we go out of our way to find projects such as Africa Code Week to make sure that our pupils stay informed and are exposed to as much media related initiatives as possible. For the past two years we have partnered with Hudson Park Primary School to bring coding & digital learning to the children of Mdanstane. Africa Code Week is a global initiative that aims to introduce all youths in Africa to coding & computer programming. To see more of the tremendous work they do you can visit their website @,



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The Fundanii generation

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At Fundanii, we believe that every child deserves an introduction to the computer. We aim to introduce 5000 pupils to the computer by 2020. Currently the program is on it’s first phase, we have released the first edition app & workbook combo which serve as an introduction to basic information about the computer, we aim to develop the program further to higher levels meaning more books will to be published and more versions of the app need be created to supply the ever-growing demand. Fundanii aims to grow from just being an outreach program to being centralized and have a place where teachers will come to be trained in computer skills. The centre will also serve as the headquarters for the Fundanii Stories program. Where we will be hosting digital learning programs, coding and computer literacy workshops.

Donate To Fundanii

Help Us Reach More Children By Donating To Our Course. Proceeds Will Go Towards Developing The Program Further As Well As Animating The Stories By The Underprivileged

Thank You!

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